Rippit Golf – ‘Just rip it!’ 

Newcastle’s premier golf practice and entertainment facility. Rippit golf utilizes leading edge technology. Offering mini golf, virtual golf using the newest monitors and simulators and a big driving range. 

        About Rippit 

            Computerised Virtual Golf Providing an easily accessible platform for Golf related practice and entertainment for individuals and groups. Rippit also serves as a facility for the nearby sports (tennis, basketball, soccer) and residential area for a bar that serves food and beverages in an upbeat environment.

Rippit Golf Project developed in 2021. All rights reserved.

     Rippit Golf wants to provide a convenient and accessible simulated golf environment where serious golfers can practice and get detailed swing analysis to improve their game at a time that suits them and in any weather condition. 

The word ‘Rippit’ is widely used in golf circles to describe a solid shot. It’s also the sound a frog makes therefor the owners John and Aaron requested a frog logo for a bit of fun. The challenge was to create a logo that showcases a frog but still has the elegant look that would suit a golf facility.


Rippit Golf was formed to provide a multi-function practice golf themed facility close to the centre of Newcastle. 

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