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Alex Warden


Alex Warden is a female photographer, capturing coastal adventures from the shore and sea. Her services include newborn, family, water and surf photography and she is quickly becoming the best in her field. 

We have developed a simple and versatile round shaped logo, along with a neutral typeface that works great with her photography style and Alex’s vision for family shoots. It fits perfectly to different types of applications.

Project developed in 2021. All rights reserved.

 For the ocean dwellers and water babies. 

Alex Warden Photography – For the ocean dwellers and water babies.


Brand Strategy –Alex Warden captures families from the shore and the sea. Creating experiences people love looking back upon months, years, even decades from now. Authentic and unique moments in front of the lens unfold when everyone feels comfortable.

Review from Alex Warden. You clever thing!!!! I absolutely love the logo and branding! Thank you so SO much! It’s exactly what I wanted something, fun, funky and oceany.


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