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Unique location and cool work by
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Visiting the immense doors and walls of the GlasfabriekIn Schiedam

After 1,5 years of After 1,5 year of being stuck in Australia thanks to Covid, I really felt that, when I could finally visit the Netherlands, I was going to visit lots of exhibitions and fill up my creative cup and get some inspiration. 

Arriving at the location of the Glashard expo, I got excited straight away because it’s an area in the city of Schiedam you never really visit. It’s an empty and deserted Glass factory and with years of living in Schiedam while growing up this is the first time I see this part of the city. 

The grey clouds in the sky and the cold Dutch weather are giving me the underground feel that suits the graffiti expo pretty well, even though we obviously were proper art visitors and bought our 5 euro ticket at the front desk. The first building we find, when walking onto the glass factory district has the work from Yann L’outsider. It is super cool to see how the outlines are rolled with white paint and within the shapes he created depth with layers of black graffiti spray. 

The entrance of the same building has this colorful and abstract piece from Marti Sawe, while looking at it I truly realize how much impact shape and colors have on a human being. 

Inside the empty factory with the big brown brick walls I have a little Fan girl moment because there is work to see from the collective I have been following on Instagram for a while now, High on Type. High on type is a collective of six designers and artists who share a passion for letters. 

If you are interested in design, graphic design, graffiti or type this expo is a must see! I am so happy that all these artists and designers who are creating awesome work are getting the attention their incredible talent deserves. 

1. It’s exciting
Because the expo is presented in a big and abandoned Glass factory it makes you curious to see what’s around the corner. 

2. Industrial & Experimental
It’s nice to be looking at art in a different spot than a museum. 

Also, below one of my favorite art works at the expo is from Said Kinos 

3. Said Kinos
Said Kinos is an artist who lives and works in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. His work is recognizable through high contrast, vivid color combinations, and the use of distorted typography. 

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