Dutchies Design is a passionate branding studio that specialises in helping businesses stand out with powerful ideas and unique designs. 


Hi there, I am Chris the Dutchie & Creative behind Dutchies Design.

After studying Graphic Design in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, I moved to Australia and I now call Port Stephens, a beautiful seaside town, my home.

To me being a designer is not so much a profession as a way of life. I always try to find a creative solution that fit’s the client’s style and needs.

As a designer I am always observing, searching, transforming and making things abstract in my head.

Besides being a passionate designer I am a very proud mum, the biggest Beatles fan you will ever meet and I love spending my free time in the ocean going for a surf with my family and friends.

Enough about me! If you are looking for a dedicated designer and you feel like we are a good match let’s have a chat!